GSA Report 1/2015
No 01/2015

Report on capacity allocation through the GSA (GAZ-SYSTEM Auctions) platform

During the 2nd Quarter of 2014/2015 gas year, total capacity of 44 925 438 kWh/h was offered through the GSA Platform by participating operators. Within this period, the allocated capacity on the primary market was 11 965 310 kWh/h. A total of 37 auctions were held, in which 37 products were offered.

The capacity allocation through the GSA Platform can be divided as follows: Quarterly product: 1January - 31 March 2015

Quarterly Product Offered (kWh/h) Allocated (kWh/h)
Bundled products 5 571 101 5 571 101
Unbundled products 14 165 184 5 841 209
Total 19 736 285 11 412 310

Monthly product: January, February, March 2015

Monthly Product Offered (kWh/h) Allocated (kWh/h)
Bundled products 0 0
Unbundled products 25 189 153 553 000
Total 25 189 153 553 000

Since the GSA platform launch in July 2014, the total allocated capacity amounted 31 892 542 kWh/h, of which 25 474 620 kWh/h was offered as Quarterly products and 6 417 922 kWh was offered as Monthly products.

As of March 10, 2015, 32 business entities were registered on the GSA platform with the right to participate in the capacity auctions. In total, 84 users may participate in the auctions.

About the GSA Platform

The GSA Platform ( has been established by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. in response to the requirements of the European Network Code regarding Capacity Allocation Mechanisms (Commission Regulation (EU) 984/2013 (CAM NC). The Platform is a tool enabling other operators in Europe to offer their products through auctions in accordance with the CAM NC at a reasonable cost level. GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. presented its GSA Platform during the sixteenth meeting of the GAS REGIONAL INITIATIVE - SOUTH SOUTH-EAST, which was held in Warsaw on 27 May 2014.

The GSA Platform has been the exclusive tool for capacity allocation by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. in the national transmission system and by GAZ-SYSTEM ISO on Yamal-Europe Transit Pipeline since July 2014. It is used by 32 active participants, with 84 registered users. It has, so far, enabled more than 104 auctions held for bundled and unbundled capacity products.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and Net4Gas offered increased capacity in the Cieszyn point in March 2015
As a result of an agreement entered into between operators of the Polish and Czech gas transmission system, in March 2015 the transmission capacity at the Cieszyn point (ID 370001) was increased to 43 542 kWh/h.
Cieszyn bundled product

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and NET4GAS will organized a pilot auction concerning bundled capacity product in IP Cieszyn on the GAZ-SYSTEM Auction Platform (GSA Platform).
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