Non-binding demand assessment soon-to-be launched under the incremental capacity process 2019-2021

Incremental capacity process

The CAM NC amendment envisages provisions for an incremental capacity process being the EU-wide market-based approach to identify the need for incremental capacity and to allocate both existing and incremental capacity in an integrated way.

The first market demand assessment for incremental capacity, as the start of an incremental capacity process, was conducted in 2017.

This year in line with CAM NC the second market demand assessment for incremental capacity shall be launched. No later than 8 weeks after the start of the annual yearly capacity auction, non-binding demand indications for incremental capacity shall be submitted by network users to the affected Transmission System Operators. Based on the demand expressed by the network users, Transmission System Operators will create demand assessment reports, which evaluate the prospective need for incremental capacity and which state whether an incremental capacity project will be initiated.

The market demand assessment reports will be published on the websites of the concerned Transmission System Operators no later than 16 weeks after start of the incremental capacity process as well as on the ENTSOG website.

Please find attached below a short presentation with instruction on how to proceed with market demand assessment procedure on GSA Platform: