GSA Platform FORUM - workshop on the new functionality of the GSA Platform

The GSA Platform Operator has launched new series of workshops dedicated to the current and new functionalities offered by GSA Platform. The first edition of the GSA Platform FORUM was held on 28th May 2019 in Warsaw and was  focused on the market demand assessment of incremental capacity which will be available for TSOs and shippers on the GSA Platform from July 2019.

Within the GSA Platform FORUM representatives of the GSA Platform presented to the regional TSOs the new functionality allowing to conduct the non-binding market demand assessment for incremental capacity between neighboring transmission systems. The new service was implemented at the GSA Platform in line with the CAM NC requirements and ENTSOG’s guidelines for submitting non-binding demand indications by network users.

Upon survey completion, TSOs who decide to conduct the incremental procedure via the GSA Platform will receive the automatically generated summary report with aggregated data per entry-exit systems. In the next step, based on the received results  the TSOs will be able to commence the process of preparation of the Demand Assessment Reports (DAR) with adjacent TSOs.

From the shipper point of view the GSA Platform new functionality  provides a user-friendly, online tool for the indication of incremental capacity demand.

The workshop was also an opportunity to discuss with the TSOs participating in the workshop other GSA Platform issues: governance structure, the GSA Platform Development Plan for gas years 2019/2021 as well as soon-to-be-launched customer satisfaction survey, the results of which will be presented at the next GSA Platform FORUM.