Development of the GSA Platform functionalities

The functionalities we implement on the GSA Platform are: comfort bid in ascending clock auctions, automation of the publication and acceptance of secondary market transactions (e.g. TRAADV), improvements related to the management of users, their privileges and notifications.

- Comfort bid in ascending clock auctions: enabling users to place a bid in long-term auctions even before they are launched, based on the auction parameters previously set by the user;

- secondary market automation - automatic publication and acceptance of secondary market transactions, support for the TRAADV edig@s 5.1 message in the process of acceptance of secondary market transactions by Operators, support for “Sublet” transactions;

- user’s management: preview of assigned privileges, 

- efficient management of notifications - preview of notifications assigned to a user based on the assigned role, possibility to activate and deactivate selected notifications.

We hope that those modifications will enable you to use the GSA Platform more effectively.

The instructions containing descriptions of the new functionalities will be published in the Documents tab.