The Auction Calendar for 2021/2022 available on ENTSOG website

The Auction Calendar for 2021/2022, which provides all relevant dates for capacity auctions is now available on ENTSOG website. Download the Auction Calendar: Capacity Allocation Mechanisms NC | ENTSOG

The auction calendar on the GSA Platform has been updated respectively:

In 2014, ENTSOG approved the general principles for future auction calendars to adapt to general European holidays, but not to specific national holidays. Therefore, in the 2021/2022 auction calendar two auction dates for quarterly products were moved from 1 November to 2 November 2021 and from 6 June to 7 June 2022. Furthermore, interruptible capacity auctions should start 8 days after firm capacity auctions, and monthly interruptible capacity auctions should take place the fourth Tuesday of every month. Therefore, accordingly two auction dates for monthly products were moved from 22 June to 29 June 2021 and from 21 February to 14 February 2022.