Join the GSA Platform and book the capacity of the PL-UA interconnection points

In March 2020 the GSA Platform Operator and Ukrainian transmission system operator LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” concluded an agreement to allocate the capacities of the PL-UA interconnection points via the GSA Platform.

Market participants will be able to make their first capacity booking of the PL-UA interconnection during the auction of a yearly product scheduled for July 6, 2020.

Network users who are interested in booking the capacity of the PL-UA interconnection points from the gas year 2020/2021 and are not yet users of the GSA Platform, are kindly encouraged to register on the GSA Platform and begin cooperation. 

Network users are invited to get acquainted with the GSA Platform Shippers’ Manual available at the Documents section. Any questions related to the registration on the GSA Platform shall be addressed at

Find out more information on the GSA Platform  and LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” websites.